The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

good news/bad news

Saturday, 15 January 2011

sparklet had her 15 month checkup today, and the good news is that she’s still growing like a weed at 28 lbs (97th percentile) and 33 inches tall (off the chart).

the bad news is that she’s got some kind of an ear infection, which means that she’ll get her first ever dosing of antibiotics. she’s not contagious, according to the doctor, which is a darn fine thing considering her bff’s birthday is tomorrow.

i see lots of Plaza S├ęsamo and Fraggle Rock in her future.

UPDATE: sparklet no-likey the antibiotics. well, actually, she loves taking them — they just don’t stay down for long. i wonder how long this cycle of futility is going to last.

UPDATE #2: we think it started off as an ear infection, and then became the flu — namely because i got the flu about three days later.