our real estate agent came through tonight and picked out new wall colors that he said would help our place move more quickly.

ever since we painted our very first room, the lady sparkler and i have known that we’d have to repaint all of our wall colors when we moved out — but it didn’t make the new (rather dull) color selections sting any less.

Living Room

before: after:

Grape Green (Behr)

Reticence (Sherman Williams)

Master Bedroom

before: after:

Ruby Ring (Behr)

Soft Tan (Sherman Williams)


before: after:

Acorn Squash (Olympic)

Hubbard Squash (Sherman Williams)


before: after:

Warm Spring (Behr)

Caen Stone (Sherman Williams)


before: after:

Cerise (Olympic)

Sand Trap (Sherman Williams)


before: after:

Porpoise (Behr)

Reticence (Sherman Williams)

if i ever needed confirmation that i’m nothing like the rest of the kids on the playground, this did the trick.