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sleeping beauty

Saturday, 8 January 2011

shhh … it’s 8:44 am and sparklet is still asleep.

she’s been snoozing much better since we started the last round of sleep training — which we sorta had to do after a month of sleeping with her in our room (houston, costa rica, williamsburg) because the putting-her-down process was getting dreadfully long.

so, starting about four days ago, we’ve been giving her a bottle, reading with her, saying good night, and then walking out when the bottle ran out (with a mandatory smooch on the noggin’, natch).

we won’t talk about the first night, but by last night we had just four minutes of fussing before she settled down and put herself to bed.

it’s pretty incredible how quickly babies adapt.*

* = don’t try this at home. results not typical. professional driver on a closed course. before attempting sleep training, please check with your doctor about possible side effects (on you, not the baby) from sleep training. the author assumes no responsibility for, well, anything.


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