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table service

Monday, 13 December 2010

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The hospitality in Costa Rica has been incredible.

We’ve eaten dinner out every night, and each time the Ticos have gone out of their way for sparklet — from meals off the menu, to special accommodations, to near constant attention.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that sparklet’s going to want to bring at least one of the waiters home. Oh, and one of the hostesses too if there’s room (the one named Katherine, appropriately enough).

While she’s been down here, Sparklet’s developed a couple of quirks at the dinner table.

She’ll pass objects around the table, in a very prescribed order and will forcibly intervene if (a) we mess it up, or (b) if she’s ready for the object to move in a different direction.

During dinner, if mommy and I hold hands, she’ll pull them apart and insert her own. Then she spend a few minutes rearranging all six hands — including her own — in different orders and positions.

And, when she’s done eating, she insists on feeding us whatever is left — even if it has already been chewed.

It’s been a good vacation.