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size restrictions

Saturday, 27 November 2010


well, sparklet is officially too big to be a lap-baby.

… not according to the airlines (they don’t really seem to care) but according to mommy’s stomach, my nose, and the eardrums of those around us, it’s about time to start getting her her own seat. sparklet careened around for the full three and a half hours out to houston, and then the full two and a half hours back.

(while i’m just about over careening, at least it isn’t the most mortifying thing that happened during the trip.)

for what it’s worth, it doesn’t actually seem to be a problem that isn’t limited to the airplane right now — if she’s being held, she wants on the floor. if she’s being carried, she wants to walk. don’t bother trying to put her in a stroller. and, if you turn your back for 1/4 second, she’s ready to bring on the pain.

if these aren’t the terrible twos, i don’t want to know what’s coming.

(really, don’t tell me.)

ps. we leave for costa rica in exactly one week — and fortunately, we had the good forsight to get sparklet her own seat. ahhhh.