after a week of saying it was just your average adverse (non-contageous) reactions to some recent vaccinations, our pediatrician announced today that sparklet could (?!?) have a virus.

… which would have been really useful to know a week ago before we played typhoid mary with a half dozen of our friends kids.

(fwiw, i’m still not convinced it’s anything other than the vaccines — this is completely unlike anything she’s ever had before, and she’s done the virus “thing” a couple times already.)

she has been feeling pretty crappy since Friday, so we preemptively canceled all non-essential activities this past weekend — including jon stewart’s rally to restore sanity, unfortunately — to give sparklet the max chance of enjoying halloween Sunday night.

so, the traditional role of a sick kid’s parent distracting the patient — especially if doing so will get them eating and drinking. but, after a couple of days worth of efforts that yielded no distraction, the lady sparkler and i finally pulled out the big guns:

fraggle rock.

and for a few brief minutes sparklet has found happiness, boucing up and down, moving her head like she was a heavy-metal headbanger. (i’m still working getting video, but she stops whenever she sees the camera.)

it wasn’t much — twice, each time barely enough to get a couple of ounces of bottle in her — but it’s enough.