at the beginning of sparklet’s eating career, she was a bit of a streaky eater. first she would only squash, then she would only eat sweet potatoes, and then she’d only eat pureed garden vegetables.

once she got onto solids, it was the same thing — first she would only eat sliced avacodos, and then she would only eat bonbel cheese wheels, and then she would only eat black beans (keeping Pollo Sobroso, our local Peruvian chicken place, open).

fortunately, she’s started mellowing out a bit.

we’ve working in eggs, apples (more about chewing then actually swallowing), bananas, yogurt, some little spinach things and lately sliced mushrooms sauteed in a little olive oil — all while keeping the previous staples in the mix, too.

and, just when a (relative) decline in black bean consumption started looking bleak for Pollo Sabroso’s bottom line, sparklet has started consuming large quantities of Peruvian chicken and rice.

so, it looks like we’ve got a lead on figuring out the whole eating thing — which is exactly what the doctor said would happen fully swapped over to milk. (she’s only gets formula right before bed now, and even that’ll be gone in a month).

now if we can just get that whole sleep thing straightened out, we’ll be home free.