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the pizza garden

Monday, 18 October 2010

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our nanny share nanny doesn’t speak english. the lady sparkler and i haven’t spoken Spanish since high school.

if that’s not a recipe for a laugh-track worth sit-com, i’m not sure what is.

about six weeks ago, our nanny started saying how much sparklet loves running around “the pixa” — “the pesca” we ask?

“no, the pixa” she she replies. “pixa! pixa!”

“oh, of course — the ‘pixa!'” we finally replied, without an ounce of comprehension. “boy, does she love that!”

over the next six weeks, we proceeded to ask every native Spanish speaker we’ve ever known what “pixa” meant en EspaƱol.

not a clue.

i Google translated about a dozen different spellings — pisca, pixa, pitsa, pesca, pixza.


we finally decided that she meant either “pesca” which is Spanish for “fishing” or PISCA which is the Paranormal Investigation Society of Central Alabama.

we were pretty confused about where they could possibly go fishing in northwest D.C., much less the intricacies of travel to Central Alabama, so we gave up and called it a day.

fast forward to yesterday, when our beloved nanny share partners came to the zoo for sparklet’s birthday, and they said:

hey, have you guys been over to the pizza garden yet? it’s a giant pizza that the kids can climb all over. maria says that they really love it.

pizza. pixa. pizza = pixa.

(cue laugh track.)

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