after a couple of months of dithering, we’ve finally decided to do something for sparklet’s first birthday.

we’d been bouncing back and forth between wanting to do something but wanting to push off (as long as we can) the days of elaborate affairs with Oscars-level guest gift bags.

so, we’ve decided to do something — but go militantly informal.

basically, we’ll be picnicking at the bottom of Lion Hill at the National Zoo on Sunday, October 16th from 3pm to 5pm — and if you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you.

we’ll bring a little food (cupcakes, snacks) and some blankets, and then just let Sparklet run around in the grass for a bit. i’m sure Sparklet will be taking guests on frequent tours of all her friends at the petting zoo. Other than that, just hope to be visiting with some friends and family.

as part of the “militantly informal” part, we will be forcibly ejecting anybody who brings any presents, but please come and hang out with us if you have a free afternoon.

no special need to tell us if you’re coming, but feel free to either drop us a comment/email or RSVP through the facebook event we’ve setup.

we hope to see you soon 🙂


Lion/Tiger Hill is the big grassy hill at the bottom of the Zoo (see the official zoo map here) where they do concerts and such.

if you drive, the zoo’s parking lots D & E are very close to Lion Hill (and cost $15 for anything less than 3 hours) but we’ve had good success parking in the neighborhood just outside the Adams Mill Road entrance to the Zoo (link to Google Map) which is also very close to where we’ll be.

If you metro, come in the main entrance, and keep going down hill, following the signs for the Lions/Tigers and the Kid’s Zoo.