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turns out you *can* put a price on everything

Sunday, 26 September 2010

it was an interesting trip back from Williamsburg.

we left right before nap time so she’s sleep on the way, but she threw up around mile 65, let forth a massive poo around mile 120, and then we finally gave up at mile 175 (Potomac Mills) because we just couldn’t stand being in the car any longer. (she never napped.)

the one thing i love about IKEA is because it is a lot like taco bell — try as you may, it’s really hard to walk out of there spending more than half at what you’d spend at any of their competitors.

seriously, we got sparklet her birthday presents — a table/chair set and a 6-foot long alligator/crocodile (i can never tell the difference, especially when fake) — and all together they cost $0.37.

oh, if you see sparklet, don’t tell her what we got her for her birthday. don’t want to ruin the surprise.

UPDATE: in the small miracles department, sparklet slept through the night after skipping her afternoon nap on the way back from williamsburg. i’m not sure the 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep is worth the pain of cranky daytime sparklet, but it’s a hypothetical that i’m willing to explore 🙂


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