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preview: costa rica

Monday, 20 September 2010

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friends of ours are getting married this december — some of the very same friends who shared this charming RFK moment with us many years back.

he’s costa rican, she’s from ohio.

i’m not exactly sure how long they debated about which hometown would hold the wedding, but i’m guessing it took about as long as us deciding to attend ourselves.

the wedding is in the Guanacaste region of northwest Costa Rica, and we’ll tack on some time before hand around the volcanos of Arenal.

and, sparklet’s getting a passport.

part of the reason we’re going is because sparklet will be at such a good age — 15 months, which is old enough to walk and old enough to be amazed by the animals and old enough to eat sand.

we’ve already filled out her passport paperwork (that’s the photo we used, above) and we’ve bought us some plane tickets (sparklet get’s her very own seat).

now, we just need places to stay, some way to get around, and some really big suitcases.