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unhappy electorate

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

there’s a tough primary for Mayor in D.C. today, between an incumbent (Fenty) who seems only interested in the white people of northwest, and the challenger (Gray) who seems more intent on spreading the city-coffers-love around to the other quarter million people who live more east and south.

it’s like the ultimate in liberal dilemma — do you vote for the person who clearly most benefits you, or the person who will most benefit the people who need the most benefit?

fortunately for me, i don’t actually have to make a decision between the two evils — because D.C. forgot to send me the absentee ballot i requested, and West Virginia is a long, long way away from the ballot boxes.

it’s too bad, because this is my one chance to vote this year — with 75% of D.C. voters registered as Democtats, the Repubs aren’t even expected to field a Mayoral candidate for the general.