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accident vs. incompetence

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

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soooo, i rear ended someone today in our (somewhat) new (to us) prius. i’m fine, and *certainly* wasn’t at fault, but it reminds me how much i hate driving on the wrong side of the river.

here are the things that the driver (from Virginia, natch) did wrong (with a photo illustration in case you get confused):

  1. he was coming from alexandria, so in order to be where he was he had to illegally cut across at least one lane of traffic to get there.
  2. he ignored a “circle traffic must stay in the circle during rush hour” sign, and pulled out into the flow of traffic.
  3. he cut across four lanes of traffic — four! — including three lanes with solid white lines.
  4. he cut me off, and then immediately slammed on his breaks for a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

the only good news is that he stopped, and didn’t hit the pedestrian (who was emerging from behind a big lumbering passenger van).

that’s when it got fun.

he blamed the van driver for “letting” the pedestrian use the crosswalk, and then eagerly blew off the damage to his car (you can make out the outline of my license plate on his rear bumper) to get the heck out of dodge.

i double checked The Prius soon after i started breathing again, and no damage to my car — or me, for that matter. he did give me his information after i took a picture of his license plate, but strangely didn’t seem interested in waiting for mine.

wonder if he’ll do that little stunt again.