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francis public pool

Sunday, 22 August 2010

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i’ve got to say that dc public pools are nothing like what i’d imagined — though given the state of some dc public school buildings, what i was expecting was a pretty low bar.

there were maybe 25 people at the pool at 4pm on a Sunday, mostly parents with children.

oddly enough, lots of international types who weren’t speaking the English so good — but no hordes of unattended kids whose parents had dumped them at the pool 8 hours earlier.

the kiddy pool was gi-normous (15′ x 30’ish) and sloped like a beach from inches to about two feet deep.

don’t get me wrong — the pool wasn’t gleaming (i wouldn’t put sparklet down on the floor of the shower room) but it was certainly no worse than the neighborhood pool where i grew up.

and, for DC, that’s pretty outstanding.

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