The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

james mcmurtry @ the birchmere

Thursday, 12 August 2010

first, i have to say that i have to disclose that i just saw a 60 year old drunk woman jump on her table and start dancing to the music.

this is one of those times where there just aren’t enough words in the english language.

second, this is the first concert that i’ve gotten rained on while *in* the building. during the warm up act, a hole opened up in the ceiling directly in front of us and gushed water for 30 seconds.

thankfully, it coincided with two 6+ feet tall men trying to sit down in those seats and block our view. for some reason, they decided to sit down in another part of the room and the puddle warned people off for the rest of the night.

we thought he was great when we saw him (and his mom) six years ago in berkeley springs, but this time he seemed maybe two rungs above his usual self.

when mcmurtry plays a six-string guitar, it sounds like it has 12. when he plays a 12-string guitar, it sounds like it has 50. his ability to rip the lid off songs — while playing solo, on acoustic guitar — is just crazy.

that, and for once the lady sparkler didn’t have to wait the whole concert to see if she’d hear her favorite song — he played rachel’s song right off the bat.

and all was right with the world.

SET LIST: Melinda · Saint Mary of the Woods · Rachel’s Song · Down Across the Delaware · See The Elephant · Hurricane Party · Leonard Cohen Must Die · Choctaw Bingo · Out Here in the Middle · Restless · Safe Side · Ruby and Carlos · Levelland · Peter Pan · No More Buffalo