it’s possible that i am hardwired to be susceptible to guilt trips.

even if that’s the case, however, nothing in recent history has beaten the one that i got from our beloved m.o.h. (maid of honor) three days after the mother’s day that the rest of the planet had back in May.

(and by “rest of the planet” i mean “all you crazy people who have enough spare time to keep track of these things.”)

from the m.o.h., i quote:

Where was the sweet first Mother’s Day post on your blog?? Didn’t [Sparklet] give her mommy a present? I know [The Lady Sparkler] doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day, but I was hoping that [Sparklet] would.

well, funny you should ask, because instead of celebrating mother’s day this year we were in williamsburg, virginia celebrating the wedding of a very good friend.

(and by “very good friend” i mean “high school girlfriend.”)

so tonight, a scant 59 days after it occurred, we finally went out and celebrated mother’s day the way mommy sparkler intended — dinner at hank’s oyster bar, drinks at bar rouge and then desert at local 16.

a couple of things, for the record:

  • [insert sweet first Mother’s Day sentence]
  • m.o.h. is dead on when she says that mommy has no interest in celebrating mother’s day, and she isn’t opposed in the “you better want to celebrate it anyway, bub” sort of way.
  • sparklet’s first gift for mommy was a digital picture frame for mommy’s office, chocked full of mommy-and-sparklet pictures.
  • daddy’s first gift for mommy actually happened last year, but his second gift was 59 days of insistence that we were going to celebrate mother’s day whether mommy wanted to or not.

but, i digress.

in all do seriousness, we do love mommy and are VERY lucky to have her. she is the omni-energetic ying to daddy’s thirty-minutes-of-action-tuckers-me-out-for-a-month yang, and a boundless source of love and wonderfulness for both daddy and child.

there, i said it. (thanks m.o.h.)