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sarah harmer @ the birchmere

Sunday, 27 June 2010

i always get nervous when i see people live for the first time.

invariably, they look like its either the first time they’ve ever picked up a guitar, or that they started playing about two weeks before their tour started and have pretty much mastered the three chords required to play their “best” song.

no worries for sarah harmer — she ripped the lid of the birchmere tonight, and looked ridiculously comfortable doing it.

there wasn’t a bad song from the bunch, with “careless”, “basement apartment“, and finale “lodestar” standing among the best live songs i’ve ever seen.

this live music thing seems like a good hobby to get into.

SET LIST: Late Bloomer · Around This Corner · One Match · Careless · Pendulums · Captive · The Thief · Marble in Your Eye · Coffee Stain · Dandelions in Bullet Holes · Silver Road · The Ring · Basement Apartment · New Loneliness · Escarpment Blues · Washington · The City · Came On Lion · Uniform Gray · Loadstar