The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.


Thursday, 10 June 2010

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like the crazy, measures driven parents we are, we’ve been so focused lately on young sparklet’s developmental milestones (almost crawling! she knows her name!) that we’ve totally neglected some of the “other” news in our lives.

namely, we have a new nanny, a new nanny share family … and the lady sparkler got a new job.

i’m not drunk enough to publicly explore the reasons behind the nanny transition — if you’d like to contribute to the drinking fund, i’m happy to talk in person — but the important things are that (a) sparklet’s still great, (b) we still love the talimo’s (bff!), and (c) during the transition, the bff’s got an offer of free familial child care that they just couldn’t refuse.

the new nanny share is working out great. the nanny is ├╝ber comfortable with a kid on each hip, and the share has been going on for more than a decade (tho, obviously, different families have rotated through).

the new share baby is a boy, is exactly sparklet’s age (have i mentioned that i strongly support arranged marriages?!?) and lives within walking distance (over by auntie melissa).

as if that wasn’t enough excitement for sparklet’s first summer, the lady sparkler went and got herself a new job.

she wasn’t looking (decidedly not, actually) but got contacted by a head hunter and took the interview for reasons somewhere between being polite and making new contacts in the industry. but, four interviews later, the company made the proverbial offer-she-couldn’t-refuse (salary, seniority, benefits) and as of June 14th, the lady sparkler has a new job.

still doing mostly the same thing, just a couple of blocks farther away — which pretty well sums up the nanny situation, too.