The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.


Sunday, 30 May 2010

Well, turns out the doctor was right and sparklet hadn’t seen the worst of her virus, yet. (It took four days of vomiting on daddy to get to that point.)

Things are finally looking up, but sparklet has developed a quirk in the last week that we hope don’t develop into a permanent asterisk at the end of her current title of “best baby ever.”

Namely, she’s begun to see naps as a parent-sponsored means of torture. We can’t even lay her on he back without screams of bloody murder and looks of abject betrayal.

To combat this new development, we’ve had to resort to Karl Rove-ian levels of subterfuge … including long, long walks around the neighborhood in the morning and deviously timed car trips in the afternoon.

Before swimming yesterday, we spent 45 minutes in the parking lot of Sonic, because sparklet finally fell asleep and we we’re paralyzed with fear that twitching a solitary muscle would cause her to wake up.

Things could be worse, obviously — our child could actually BE karl rove.