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“i’ve got 99 problems …”

Monday, 24 May 2010

this is us waiting for the pediatrician … only there were so many people in line before us that we had to wait outside.


baby sparklet picked up a bug last week at an impromptu play date, and it all came to a head today. she’s not sleeping and lot of congestion — basically a head cold on steroids.

we got an appointment with the pediatrician for 4pm, and when i arrived there were 13 (thirteen!) babies and toddlers in line in front of us. i think it’s possible they might have overbooked.

there was no place to sit — and with 13 sick babies around i wasn’t exactly prepared to drop her in the sick-baby playgroup in the middle of the waiting room.

it took about an hour and ten minutes to even get into the back (and two hours to get in and out completely) but sparklet eventually got a clean bill of health. doctor thinks it’s just a virus, and that it just needs to work through her system, but that it’ll likely get worse before it gets better.

meanwhile, i think we’re going to start looking a pediatricians a little farther away from downtown …


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