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new tricks

Saturday, 22 May 2010



photo of the week // week thirty-two
she’s only seven months old, and i’m already becoming disoriented how quickly that baby sparklet is growing/developing/plotting-to-take-over-the-world.

here’s a run-down from the new tricks department:

  • she just got her second tooth, and we’re pretty sure she’s working on two more.
  • we’re about ->||<- much away from calling her eye color -- blue! the lady sparkler and i swear that her eyes have changed ... but we're not sure because they look like they've just gotten deeper and bluer.
  • she’s sitting up, mostly without assistance, on a pretty regular basis.
  • while she’s been rolling-with-purpose for a bit now, she’s just now starting to master going forward (as opposed to side-to-side). she’s not yet doing an army crawl, but more like turn 10 degrees to the right, then 10 degrees to the left, then 10 degrees to the right, etc.
  • she’s gotten crazy good with the hand-eye-coordination thing, which is more than i can say for her mother or father.

the funny thing, is i hate this sort of blog post … because it reeks of sorry-i-haven’t-posted-in-a-while-here-are-all-the-things-that-have-happened.

the only problem is all this stuff has come in the last three of four days.

for the record, i keep trying to sit on her head to make her slow down, but it doesn’t appear to be doing any good.