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your seat isn’t bolted to the floor

Saturday, 15 May 2010


well, koons screwed up again … they had told us that our plates and registration would be mailed to us, only to find out that a “new” law (effective 2002) requires us to get the car inspected first.

their incompetence doesn’t leave us with much time to dilly-dally — our temporary plates expire in two days — so i got to spend an otherwise glorious saturday afternoon at the dmv.

favorite part: while i was waiting in the dmv office, a woman came in and started screaming at the guy behind the desk.

woman: “i don’t understand why you won’t inspect my car!”

manager: “ma’am, your seat isn’t bolted to the floor. whoever gets behind that wheel is going to get hurt as soon as they have to use the brakes. we can’t be liable for that.”

woman: “brakes? but i don’t drive the car *that* often.”

all of a sudden, the manager was *very* interested in helping me with my situation.

turns out that hybrids don’t have most of the usual “stuff” that emits (catalytic converters, gas vapor recovery systems) so there isn’t a need to check to see if it’s working.

the manager took as much time as he humanly possibly could explaining all this to me, glancing every couple of seconds to see if angry lady had left yet.

then, he handed me an emissions sticker that doesn’t expire until 2017.

woman: “2017?!? must be nice to not have to see these @#&%$ for that long.”

or, you could just bolt your seat to the floor. whichever.