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travel: salt lake city, utah

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


i’m in salt lake city for a web analytics conference, and the views from this place are just stunning. it’s not very hard to imagine a group of people being moved to center a religion here.

I’ve got no idea how this week will go … it’s my first week way from sparklet, i dont travel for work much anyway, and hordes of socially awkward web analytics geeks make me nervous,

I’m going to try and squeeze in two quick things while I’m out here … a trip to Utah Olympic Park (site of the 2002 Winter Games) and the Great Salt Lake (seems like a good thing to see in its eponymous city).

besides that, I’ll just be missing baby … and trying to process being in a city that make Vermont look like a bastion of genetic diversity.

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travel: salt lake city, utah