The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

out: barton creek (the mall not the, er, creek)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

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if DC wasn’t in the middle of it’s third big snowstorm of the year, i’d be complaining about the weather in austin right now.

in fact, auntie nadine’s got to be feeling pretty good about her warm, sunny wedding day because the three days before and the five days after have all be 40 degrees and rainy.

of course, that beats 20 degrees with 24 inches of snow, but i digress …

sparklet and i are trying to keep up our daily outings, but between the weather and random february closures of tourist attractions (austin museum of art, elizabeth ney museum, zilker botanical garden) we’ve been having have a bit of a tough “go” lately.

so it was only inevitable that after yet another cultural attraction with redeeming value turned out to be closed, we found ourselves at the last refuge of the american consumer desperation … the mall.

the big surprise? i was by no means alone. there were quite literally a dozen (or more) adult/stoller pairs, pushing laps around the mall with no discernible interest in spending money.

the least surprising surprise? sparklet loves the mall.

it took her about 30 seconds to realize what window displays were, and from that point on she couldn’t rip her eyeballs away … well, not until about 45 minutes later when she had become so over-stimulated as to render her wholly non-functional.

the only store we actually went in was cryptically called “the longhorn’s shop” and sold a bunch of stuff in burnt orange.

i went in with every intention of buying sparklet a university of texas onesie, if for no other reason than to alienate the many baylor fans that seem to dominate (my life by way of marriage).

alas, there was no onesie to be had, so i grabbed myself a sweatshirt ($12!) and called it a day. i’m already working on my defense:

“hey, if the weather had been nicer…”