we’re in the slow countdown to mommy going back to work (first day back is tuesday) so we took a trip downtown to (a) get mommy back in the swing of things, and (b) get baby sparklet her first look at the fastlane of digital public relations.

she even sat in on her first client conference call, but was clearly less than impressed.

because we are “those” type parents, we immediately started wondering what she was going to be when she grows up.

we’ve already ruled out a life in ballet, but with her current obsession for color and light, i’m thinking she’s a future digital graphic designer.

based on her first conference call, however, we’re pretty sure sparklet won’t be a project manager or account executive. she slept through most of the call, and was pretty ornery when people on the call started asking questions.

fittingly, those traits seems to mesh nicely with my understanding of being a designer … at least in the online, non-profit setting.

UPDATE: yes, i know that the image is of the lady sparklet in an Abaya … and no, she doesn’t wear one to work everyday, but last year she spent a week in Saudi Arabia doing client work …. and yes, i think the notion of her being in an Abaya is pretty damn funny, too.