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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

two month checkup today, and we got the best news imaginable … we no longer need to wake sparklet up for a 2 am feeding. just the slightest possibility of this actually happening has our whole house in a tizzy.

at the pediatricians, sparklet clocked in at 11 lbs. 1 oz. (75th percentile), 22.5″ long (again, 75th), with a head circumference of 15″ (shockingly, 75%). this is quite a step up from where she started at birth, which for weight was in the 8-10% range.

but, besides indicating that we officially have a big baby — the pediatrician called her a “chunky monkey” — this means that the days of being concerned about her size are over, and as such so we can stop the long forced march of sustenance through the night.

(sparklet also got a cocktail of vaccinations, and a clean bill of health, but we really stopped paying attention after the “don’t wake a sleeping baby” verdict…)

we are of no illusion that she is miraculously going to start sleeping straight through, effective tonight … but we are really hoping that we she’ll want to combine the two inconvenient feedings (2am, 6am) into just one inconvenient feeding (4am).

it’s hard to believe that we would consider this an upgrade, but that’s where we are.

i don’t know who is more excited … baby sparklet? the lady sparkler? myself? my boss/coworkers? the people who live in the apartment below us? our extended friends and family now that they no longer have to endure our sad attempts at being lucid?

“it’s a whole new worrrrrrrld….”


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