we used to have a problem getting sparklet up, awake and moving enough to eat. we also used to have a problem with her being so mello, that she never gave much of an indication if she was hungry.

looking back, those were the golden days.

sparklet has finally started becoming the little diva/drama queen we’ve been waiting for. she just never stops eating in the evenings — and is not afraid to flex those golden pipes if the feeding pauses for more than a second or two.

and, unfortunately, the super-amped/aggressive feeding phase is not the normal “witching hour” you hear tell of, because that implies it dies down after an hour or two. our 6:00 pm feeding now starts at 4:45 pm, and lasts until 11:15 pm. it’s like a labor day marathon of very special “witching hour” episodes.

but, baby momma keeps saying she’s excited, because this “attentive eating” shows that she is an energetic and engaged child. all i can say is never get between my baby and dinner.