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Monday, 19 October 2009


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We got an email a couple of days ago, from Auntie Foster Mom Adventures. It went something like this:

I know that new parents don’t have time to do research, so I did some important research for you.  Here is the scoop on your daughter’s birthday.  As if I didn’t already think she was cool, her stock went up even more now that I know she shares her birthday with Lady Margaret Thatcher!!!

(Note the three exclamation points after old iron britches…)

Oddly enough, we already know at least four friends who feature October 13th as a birthday, and it is just one day off what was my maternal grandfather’s birthday (October 14th).

Anyway, friends not withstanding, here is the list of October 13th luminaries:

  • Ian Thorpe (Australian swimmer, 1982)
  • Summer Sanders (American swimmer, 1972)
  • Billy Bush (E!, 1971)
  • Nancy Kerrigan (American figure skater, 1969)
  • Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, 1967)
  • Rob Schneider (Saturday Night Live, 1965)
  • Jerry Rice (NFL wide receiver, 1962)
  • Ari Fleischer (White House Press Secretary, 1960)
  • Marie Osmond (singer and actress, 1959)
  • Sammy Hagar (Van Halen, 1947)
  • Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner, 1942)
  • Paul Simon (singer, 1941)
  • Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister, 1925)
  • Molly Pitcher (American Patriot, 1754)

Frankly, I’m jealous. Any list with Molly Pitcher and Sammy Hagar is company that i’d want to be a part of. The lady sparkler’s (May 25th) is almost as cool:

  • Anne Heche (actress, 1969)
  • Frank Oz (The Muppet Show, 1944)
  • Dixie Carter (Designing Women, 1939)
  • Ian McKellen (actor, 1939)
  • Miles Davis (jazz trumpeter, 1926)
  • Mr. Bojangles (actor, 1878)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (essayist, 1803)

By comparison, my birthday (April 5th) is a little “cerebral”, which is another word for “lame”:

  • Colin Powell (Secretary of State, 1937)
  • Thomas Hobbes (philosopher, 1588)

Why couldn’t *I* be like Marie Osmond?