i had a startling relevation today — we’re having a girl. more importantly, i’m adding yet another female in my life, which is tipping my already precarious manhood wildly out of control.

at home, I have a wife (female). I have a cat (female). at work, I have three people I report up to (female, female, female) and two people who report to me (female, female) and a total of 29 people in my department (all female).

my friend-landscape isn’t much better … I have male friends, but four of them live more than a thousand miles away, three of them are gay, and even my token manly-man friend (eg. he shoots things for a living) is married (female) with two young children (female, female).

of course, at this point I’ve probably lost any whatever ability i’d developed to interact with men … so having a girl is probably best for all involved.