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fun with letters

Monday, 21 September 2009

[Fun with Letters, Nursery, Washington, DC]
ECPA20090921_0114, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
in a vain attempt to move the baby name conversation forward, the lady sparkler and i are moving from the academic to the visual.

we’d already been planning on the stereotypical “put the baby’s name on the wall in big letters” thing, but without a name picked out … we bought enough letters to do all three.

… and have been playing with the letters ever since.

you’d be amazed the words that you can make out of the nine letters we bought: ikea, kale, kill, kilt, leak, l33t, like, tail, etc. and that doesn’t even include the actual names.

oh, and i didn’t get a picture of sparkler’s favorite so far: “eek.”