the lady sparkler recently decided that she wanted a chair in the nursery. i thought that was a little hoity-toity, because we already had a perfectly good milk crate we could use, but she persisted …

so, we went to the ‘burbs — again.

somewhere along the way, my beloved got stuck in a chair that she couldn’t get out of. and before anyone thinks that i am a monster for taking a picture of my beloved instead of helping her out … ha! yeah, well, nevermind.

guilty as charged.

p.s. note to bridesmaids — seriously, she was laughing the whole time. really. you can ask her. yes, i am a bad person. yes, i helped her up eventually. yes, she DID make a Sigourney Weaver/”Aliens” reference the other day. no, we aren’t having eight children and getting our own reality TV show.