The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.


Sunday, 16 August 2009


[Nursery Paint Color, Washington, DC]

“Look at the staaaaaars, look how they shiiiine for youuuuu … And everything youuuuu do, and they were allllll yell-o.”

so … the insanity? it’s setting in. in two more weeks i will be running around with a tie wrapped around my forehead, talking to “Wilson.” yeah.

so, like … i, well, decided to paiiiiint. and that was cooool. buuut, the color we picked out???? it was like, chickadee. and, i painted the walls with it. which was cool, and all. but it sucked. and was, like, totally pale. and lame.

and soooo, i, like, painted the walls a different color??? and this one was totally bolder. like *REALLY* yellow. but it was called, like, acorn squash. and the lady sparkler hates squash. but i didn’t want to paint the walls again, so i, like, didn’t tell her. so please don’t tell my wiiife.

and nowwwwww? i decided to put up, uh, crown molding? and that’s really going to be great. on 80 year old walls. that are not flat at all. or straight. or flush. and i’m pretty sure that this will totally solve my “going mental” thing.

did i mention i’ve never done it before???? yeahhh. it’s going to be greeeeaaat.