yup, we’re pregnant. and to avoid any confusion, by “we” i mean the lady sparkler is pregnant. i’m just along for the ride … and the barefoot-kitchen jokes.

we had put a moratorium on even talking about making babies for the first year after our October wedding, and when we did end up talking in August of last year — you didn’t think she’d make it all 12 months, did you? — we decided we’d start trying in the New Year.

sure enough, we were pregnant by February. and everything is going swimmingly … no morning sickness for the lady sparkler, our little sparklet looks great, and is already over-achieving.

needless to say, a lot’s happened in the last fifteen weeks … and while it looks like i gave up blogging, they’ve just been going into the queue until the can’t-talk-about-it-for-the-first-trimester period was over.

to catch you up, here is the pregnancy so far:

  • well, here we go — we weren’t even sure t.l.s. was pregnant, and i already screwed up. and expect to screw up over and over again.
  • yup, we’re pregnant — and yes, we are going to find out the gender, and yes, we are going to pick a boring, anglo-friendly name.
  • ballerina — and no, chances are baby sparklet won’t grow up to be a classically trained russian ballerina, if here genes have anything to do with it.
  • obama boom — turns out we aren’t the only lefties that are pregnant, and (like everything else) it’s all obama’s fault.
  • there and back again — we found a hospital … five miles, twelve stoplights, three stop signs, one traffic circle, and 200 churches later.
  • the longest twelve weeks — i realized early on that i had the potential do a lot of damage in the twelve weeks where i was supposed to avoid talking about the pregnancy.
  • provisioning for two — the nine month shopping spree has officially begun. our only hope is that it all stays this cheap.
  • pregnant passover — went to a passover seder, where we were just about the only people who weren’t pregnant … sortof.
  • nesting — ever the planners, we’ve assembled a very healthy list of to-dos before baby sparklet arrives, and are starting to check them off.
  • ultrasound — baby sparklet, looks great, sounds great, and is already over achieving … and we’ve got proof.