11_weeksthe lady sparkler had her first real check up yesterday, where they did all the things that make a boy blush (even during the recounting, after the fact) but in the end they gave her (and sparklet) a clean bill of health.the one thing they were funny about was they wanted to get sparkler under the ultrasound as soon as possible, and its a good thing because we are apparently a little farther along that we thought.

we went into yesterday thinking we were at about seven or eight weeks, but we were counting since ovulation … and they count from the date of the end of the last cycle before you get preggers. seven quickly became ten.

… which they adjusted up to eleven weeks when they saw the size of little sparkler on film.

they kept using the term “really well developed” and “advanced” when they we poking at sparklet with their little sono-wand, and I know they were talking about *timeline* and not *intellect* but still, it’s hard not to be proud.

the whole sonogram took 10 minutes tops, but it was fabulous. we had heard from half a dozen sources that sparklet would be an odd looking kidney bean with a heartbeat, so we were pretty amazed when we got the first images back.

sparklet started the process standing on her head (I’m thinking the lady sparkler laid down too fast…) but soon settled into the chill, reclined position you see above. she waved through the first half of the show (obviously showing off at this point, like the headstands weren’t enough…) but started wiggling around by the time we tried to listen in on the heartbeat.

I got a brief snippet of the heartbeat which we’ve posted, but la madre de la sparklet had to pee, wouldn’t stop giggling, and the little one was obviously growing weary of performing. as a result, what we got isn’t quite Grammy-worthy.

but the biggest news (by far!) is the revised timeline. due date has been bumped up to November 2nd, we will be in the second trimester by the time we get to Scotland, and we are just six days from being able to officially tell people.

healthy mama and sparklet is one thing, but not needing to panic every moment that I’m going to accidentally rocket the cat out of the bag (yet again) will be the best feeling in the world.