picture-1well, I’m sitting in a Rehobeth old navy, while the lady sparkler and a good friend (lightingchickknits) run around buying “loose-fitting” summer dresses.

there was a sale, and size-too-large dresses from old navy are bound to me better than full price maternity-wear.

I haven’t had much to do with the whole pregnancy thing. the vast majority of nesting is going to fall on my lap, but that’s okay because the absolute majority of incubation is no where near my lap.

and, it seams like preganancy isn’t slowing baby-mama down. the other night, she was barefoot, in the kitchen, cooking dinner, and when she was done she sewed on two buttons on our coats … it was very nineteenth century of us.

(I should have been slaving away in the fields, but sadly I was just working 11 hour days on a computer.)

and I realized, life is pretty okay. sure, both of us are going to turn into stark-raving lunatics at somepoint in the next 229 days, but … it’ll be good.

p.s. we got 6+ dresses, all of which have plenty of space in the middle area (a-line, princess, empire, etc).

p.p.s. I got three pairs of boxers. I didn’t want to be left out.