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Sunday, 17 August 2008


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i don’t like picking on the d.c. government (mainly, because it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be) but tonight has temporarily pushed me over the edge.

so, there was a sobriety checkpoint tonight, southbound on 16th street. southbound, as in going *into* the city. obviously, lots of people get drunk in residential areas on Saturday night and *then* drive into the city after midnight … as opposed to vice versa.

interesting hypothesis, but not my main complaint: they setup the roadblock just past the exit for park road.

for those of you playing at home, park road — which was left wide open — leads to (a) a residential neighborhood, (b) a great cut-through street for people going to the bars of georgetown, dupont and woodly/cleveland park, and (c) one block away from a road that will let you drive around the checkpoint entirely.

to make matters worse, they put the “sobriety checkpoint” sign at the top of the block, to ensure that anyone who could read knew they should take this right.

how drunk do you have to be to get caught by this checkpoint? were they hoping to catch drunk people who were leaving their homes, but weren’t going towards the clubs, who weren’t able to read, and were too upstanding to drive drunk through a residential neighborhood?

who’d fall for that? was paris hilton in town? mark foley? Vito Fossella? the bush twins?