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fresh paint in the living room

Saturday, 3 May 2008

fresh paint in the living room, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
it’s officially spring, because the lady sparkler and i got the urge to start painting things, “recycling” anything that isn’t walking, and then rearranging what’s left.

first up was paint: the lady sparkler found a green that she loved in the pottery barn paint collection … which we dutifully poached and had the d.c. home depot match for $20/gallon less.

while we were painting, we put the couch under the windows to get it out of the way … and then liked it so much that we kept it there. during move-in last summer, we weren’t terribly happy with how we had the living room, and this setup is much, much better.

in other news … we took two massive loads of stuff to good will, including about a third of our books (we sold another 40 online). you wouldn’t believe how big the second bedroom looks now 🙂