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this could be a post about earth day, but wait … it actually *IS* a post about earth day

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

One dollar, one tree, one planet.

it’s been a long run up to earth day — work, work, work — so, much like at the wedding, y’all are going to have to make due with the loosely-affiliated ramblings of a distracted man.

(stream of conscious, #1)

happy earth day! speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #2)

i want to say a very special thank you to those who have donated to support my Plant a Billion Trees campaign so far. speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #3)

i just realized i have no way of finding out who you are unless you tell me. so, if you donated feel free to toot your own horn in the comments. speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #4)

easily my favorite comment so far:

aight, aight, I planted some damn trees. ya happy now?

this morning, i was a *weeeeee* bit down because i’m not likely to make my self imposed deadline of 200 trees by earth day, but this comment — and the obviously righteous and noble passion for conservation that pours from each syllable — has inspired me to push on. speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #5)

great news! I have decided to extend my personal campaign for Plant a Billion Trees through Arbor Day. you obviously wanted more of my great posts on the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and i obviously don’t want to fail horribly on my first attempt at direct fund raising. speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #6)

arbor day is this Friday, so you have three more days to help me plant 200 trees. then, it’s a whole lot more snarkiness, and a whole lot less convincing you to support a worthy cause. speaking of which …

(stream of conscious, #7)

I love you guys … 🙂