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This could be a post about the Sakura Matsuri Street Festival

Saturday, 12 April 2008

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This would normally be a post about the “experience” the lady sparkler and I just had wandering around the Sakura Matsuri Street Festival in downtown D.C.. The place was ripe with bloggable points — including scores of women in those oh-so-authentic-komono-tops you buy at oh-so-japanese stores like Kmart; not to mention 800 lb. boys in anime costumes and 800 lb. girls with green and purple hair in Japanese school girl outfits …

But alas, I haven’t raised enough money to plant 200 trees.

So, instead, let me tell you more about the Atlantic forest of Brazil which is where The Nature Conservancy is working to Plant a Billion trees.

Five hundred years ago, the Atlantic Forest of Brazil covered approximately 330 million acres (about twice the size of Texas), but today more than 93% of this forest has been cleared and what remains is highly fragmented. The remaining 7% of the Atlantic Forest is still among the biologically richest and diverse forests in the world and exhibits a high number of species that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Help me restore 2.5 million acres of forest in some of the most beautiful and pristine rainforests left on earth. If that isn’t convincing, help me restore this blog to the substance-less place of wit and snarky-ness that you love so much.