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Travel: Last bits of the Great Ocean Road

Monday, 3 March 2008

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IMG_0330, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Austalia (Day Nine) — It was a pretty lazy day today, our last on the road before Melbourne. We backtracked a bit to Triplet Falls, which Lizzie (our host from the previous night) had recommended.

Once we got back on the road from Otway to Melbourne, there was much to see, but not a lot to photograph. The last day of the Great Ocean Road — which is actually the first day for most as it is closest to Melbourne — was a series of small beach towns with some scenic surfing beaches in between. Lovely, but not unlike coastal America.

Driving the last little bit into the big city more than a little tedious … lots of one way streets, a omnipresent tram system, flocks of asian tourists, no serviceable map, and rush hour traffic. There will be more on all things Melbourne a little later.

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