The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

travel: on the road to robe

Friday, 29 February 2008

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IMG_8887, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
IMG_9088, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Austalia (Day Six) — Today was really expected to be a “throw-away” day, in that we wanted to drive from Robe to Melbourne (which is the pretty part) but still had to get from Adelaide to Robe (apparently the “beaming” technology advertised by Star Trek geeks hasn’t advanced quite as far as they have implied).With that in mind, we were a bit surprised (“Shocked, I say, shocked!”) that we ended the day debating over which landmark was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen in our lives.

My favourite (notice the “cheeky” Anglo spelling) was a place called The Granites (above, top). We tripped on it purely by accident (we saw a small brown sign with a distance, but no description) and went on a lark. We got a set of exquisite pink granite boulders in an amazing blue-green sea.

The lady sparkler’s favourite was Cape Dombey (above, bottom) which is part of a “recreational reserve” in the port town of Robe where we are spending the night. Also an accident, we had set off for the town’s lighthouse (modernist, hideous) when we tripped on the Dombey obelisk that sat on a set of breathtaking cliffs.

We have had such incredible luck this trip off recommendations, but even better luck with serendipity.