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Travel: Adelaide, My Adelaide

Thursday, 28 February 2008

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Austalia (Days Four & Five) — We are back on the mainland, and the local baggage sprites are obviously trying to make amends for their Californian cousins as all three of our bags come out of the conveyor together, and were among first twenty off the plane.Yesterday we lazed around the city, wandering through the city’s botanic gardens. (You wouldn’t believe how much of this city is devoted to parkland, and they take their open spaces very seriously.) Today we took the car out and hit some of the wineries to the East and South of town.

Now, leaving Tasmania, we were more than a little concerned that the mainland would be just as beautiful, and it turns out that’s the case (how much beauty can a couple stand?!?) The views through wine country were really unbelievable, and some of the beaches on the way back into town were as spectacular as they were empty. (Near as we can figure, school started back up this week.)

In other news … Adelaide has taken our time confusion and kicked it up another notch — BAM! — as it turns out the town elders decided that adhering to time zones was a silly notion. Apparently being a half hour off sounded like a laugh, so we are now (temporarily) 16 hours and 30 minutes ahead of D.C. time. Oh, and we haven’t figured out how to adjust the clock in our car, so we have just stopped even trying to care what time it is.

Tomorrow, we start our four day drive along the Southern Ocean into Melbourne, in what is supposed to be the prettiest portion of our trip. My “shutter” finger is just aching in anticipation …

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Travel: Adelaide, Australia