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Photos: International Shooting All the Time Day

Saturday, 20 January 2007


For Christmas this year, I got a subscription to “Popular Photography” (thanks Jo-Jo!).

One of the first bits I read (in my premier issue) was about an awkwardly named holiday that they obviously made up the week before the issue went to print: International Shooting All the Time Day.

The general notion is that to be a better photographer, you have to take more photographs. Why this has to happen the third week of January, I will never understand, but maybe it has something to do with self sacrifice and mutilation.

Regardless, the idea behind I.S.A.t.T.D. is that you should take a picture every 5 minutes, all day long (sans 8 hours for sleep, and another hour for the uncomfortably vague “personal” time). This turns out to be 225 pictures in 24 hours.

Ignoring the fact that the whole premise is either weird, shakey, or unfathomable, I decided to give it a go. Trying desperately to keep my new year’s resolution (shoot new places) alive, I started in the northern reaches of DC’s Rock Creek Park, and worked my way down to Georgetown, and over to the National Mall.

To get a better idea of where I went, check out my new-fangled, geo-tagged Flickr map of this day’s photograph locations.

I took more than 325+ pictures in about 9 hours, though only ~130 of them were worth space on my ever-shrinking hard drive. I have until March to pick my five favorites and submit them to the magazine.

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International Shooting All the Time Day