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Photos: D.C at Night, Washington, DC

Friday, 8 December 2006

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After practically a year of trying, my brother is in town for the weekend.

He was originally supposed to come last March for the Washington DC Regional of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (for those of you paying attention, that was the tourny where hometown-heros George Mason knocked off Connecticut). My sister-in-law went into labor about a month early, and so he missed possibly the two best days of basketball in recent memory.

After the first attempt didn’t work out so well, we tried to get together this fall for a couple of sporting events (a DC United and a Washingtion Nationals game) but he managed to herniate a disk in his back, and was on his butt for a couple of months.

Finally, this weekend, with only weeks left before his Southwest ticket expired, we got him down here for a Wizards game and a couple of days of R&R.

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D.C at Night, Washington, DC