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Travel: Pacific Coast Highway, Oregon

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

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Ever since I was old enough to spell the word “car” I have wanted to drive the length of the Pacific Coast Highway. Stoked by visions of s-curves and towering cliffs (visualized from 30 years of car commercials, no doubt) I have wanted to rent a convertable and tear down the PCH at impractical speeds.

Turns out my vision of the PCH and the reality of what is now called U.S. Highway 101 didn’t quite match up. Don’t get me wrong, the views were spectacular but the drive itself wasn’t quite worthy of the words “vroom-vroom.” It’s frankly pretty hard to do much of anything when you are trapped behind a seeminly endless supply of 1982 Toyota pickups going 25 miles an hour.

Regardless, the coastline was stunning … as were the state parks that lined the coast almost uninterrupted, and I guess that was the main point. For now, however, I will have to get my driving excitement watching TV.

Pacific Coast Highway, Oregon…1587/