the number one rule of blogging is don’t apologize — not for posting too much, not for posting too little, not for posting “stupid” posts, and not for a long break in between posts.

no matter what you think you’ve done wrong, chances are (a) people aren’t paying close enough attention to have noticed, and (b) you are being way too self important if you think they care.

that said, holy crap it’s been a long time since i’ve updated this blogthing.

seven weeks. 1,689 photos. 45 minutes of video. 9 extra lbs of baby. 441 diapers. but, i think we are starting to come through the other side of the madness.

the mighty quinn is getting up to 6 hours of sleep at a shot, and — as we have more time for her — sparklet’s terrible twos are receding just a little bit. kinda. sorta.

so, no apologies for the lack of posting because you probably didn’t notice, and — if you did — i just wrote (and backdated) 76 posts for posterity (and you) in the space of 18 hours.

that was penance enough.