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Hike: Dickey Ridge Trail

Saturday, 10 December 2005


I didn’t think this one through very well. I drove all the way from suburban DC to the north end of the Skyline Drive … and *then* thought about checking to see if the road was open. Turns out that it wasn’t.

The good news is that one trail, Dickey Ridge, actually goes from the entrance road, around the road blocks, and up into the park. There were about a dozen cars parked at the trailhead, so I assume it was legal … if not it was still very popular none-the-less.

Dickey Ridge Trail

Hike: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Sunday, 20 November 2005


Another Conservancy project, the Battle Creek Cypress Swamp in Prince Frederick, Maryland is a great and accessible preserve. The swamp harbors the northernmost stand of bald cypress trees in the United States, making it well worth the trip to Maryland’s Western Shore..

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Hike: Calvert Cliffs State Park

Saturday, 19 November 2005


I actually hiked this a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to bring the rechargable battery for my new camera … (stupid new camera). It was good enough (especially down by the water) that I wanted to come back and take some shots.

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Hike: Hellen Creek Hemlock Preserve

Saturday, 19 November 2005


I hesitate to call this a hike, because there wasn’t a discernable trail. I also hesitate to imply that it is open to the public (it is) because it is so hard to get to and because the land just isn’t setup for visitors.

That being said, the Hellen Creek Hemlock Preserve is pretty remarkable in that it is the southernmost stand of Canadian hemlock in the eastern United States.

Hellen Creek Hemlock Preserve, Maryland

Hike: Little Devil’s Stairs

Friday, 11 November 2005


Today is one of those fall federal holidays that we get off just because the federal goverment is shut down. I know I just offended someone, but not sure if that was the Italians (Columbus Day) or those who have served in our miliary (Veterans Day) or someone else.

Anyway, Jonathon (friend from work) and I took a rare, mutual day off and hiked Little Devil’s Stairs in the Shenandoah. Not much in the way of scenery, but one heck of a hike.

Little Devil’s Stairs

Hike: Patapsco State Park, Maryland

Saturday, 5 November 2005


I absolutely love poplar trees, so the Tall Poplar Trail in Patapsco State Park is one of my favorites. It was a great day for it too, with an exceptionally blue sky peppered (salted?) with fluffy white, cotton clouds. Perfection.

Patapsco State Park, Maryland

hike: dark hollow, shenandoah

Saturday, 29 October 2005

[Dark Hollow, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia]
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hike: dark hollow, shenandoah

hike: roosevelt island

Sunday, 16 October 2005

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[Sign on the Roosevelt Bridge, Roosevelt Island, washington, dc]
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roosevelt island national park, washington, dc

hike: limberlost trail, shenandoah

Monday, 10 October 2005

[Limberlost, Shenedoah National Park, Virginia]
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hike: limberlost trail, shenandoah

Hike: Great Falls, Virginia

Saturday, 17 September 2005


Hiked the river trail. The best thing was the possability of soft serve ice cream at the end, which went unfulfilled because the stand was closed when we got back. *Sigh*

Great Falls, Virginia