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Hike: Susquahannah State Park

Friday, 8 July 2005


My favorite hike in Maryland. A couple of miles in dense vegitation before it opens up in a series of farm pastures. It always seems to rain, but that always seems to make the hike even better.
Susquahannah State Park:

Hike: Catoctin Mountain Park

Friday, 1 July 2005


Played hookie with a coworker. Topped it of with queso at a cheap mexican restaraunt. Mmmmmm, golden goodness…
Catoctin Mountain Park:

Photos: Northwest DC

Monday, 27 June 2005



Day after Old Rag. I could hardly walk…

Northwest DC:

Hike: Old Rag Mountain

Saturday, 25 June 2005


Unbelievably difficult hike. I should have read the book, and the part about the 2 miles of bouldering required to complete the circuit. The most bizarre part was all of the families I saw in the parking lot. I just can’t imagine what they were thinking.
Old Rag Mountain:

Travel: Houston, Texas

Tuesday, 31 May 2005


Houston, Texas:





Photos: Fred the Fish

Thursday, 5 May 2005


I have a fish. He is red. I named him Fred.

Fred the Fish:


Monday, 25 April 2005


I just (today) left my job at a small, progressive little online communication firm for hippies — and in four years, i did a lot of good stuff.

I was responsible for online presences for a number of political offices including House Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Whip Steny Hoyer, Rep. Dick Gephardt, Rep. John Lewis, and Rep. Nick Lampson.

i launched over 75 efforts for progressive non-profit causes, including campaigns for the Planned Parenthood, Campaign For America’s Future, True Majority, US Soccer Foundation, National Parks and Conservation Association, Common Sense about Kids and Guns, and the Communication Workers of America.

but, one of the great perks of the job was being allowed to host my personal web servers on a company IP address.

God, I love hippies.

Now that I am leaving (to join a progressive non-profit cause no less) however, I am screwed.

Way back, when I used to have a house and a reliable internet connection (versus living in a 500 sq ft basement apartment) I served up pages from a server in my house.

Now, I have to sign contracts with scary hosting companies whose websites make them seem like fronts for the Russian mob.

So, I chose blindly. I think mt stab in the dark was called Exabytes. They have servers in Texas … and Banglore (India, not Maine) so I am guessing I won’t get a lick of support that isn’t in Hindi.

wonder if they have conservationists in India.

Photos: National’s Opening Day

Friday, 15 April 2005

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The Washington Nationals played the first baseball game in Washington DC since the Senators left in 1971. The Nats beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-3.

National’s Opening Day: