Posts from February, 2006

The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

Hike: Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Monday, 20 February 2006


For some reason, I love hiking around abandoned farmland. It must be my hippie upbringing, but my favorite hike (Susquahannah State Park) is also around the same type environment. I must have spend half an hour walking around an old abandoned barn on the Merkle property.

Speaking of which, I should really do Susquahannah again. I don’t think I have been there since I got the new camera.

Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary…5020/

Hike: South River Falls

Sunday, 5 February 2006


Not much of a hike to and from, but the payoff (the falls themselves) was amazing. I’ve never had much chance to play around with shutter speed near water before, and that in itself was a lot of fun. Hokie, but fun.

South River Falls…0293/